One Thing We All Learned

Remember when we were debating about leaving the old house or not? We were struggling with leaving all that happened there behind, but thought it might be good to get a start fresh in a new place. Well, turns out, we unknowingly made a great decision.

Around the end of August (if my memory serves me right) we were wondering when we would get our deposit from the Josephine house back. Well, Jeff ended up calling Bon, our former landlord, and asked him about it. His response was surprising. Rather than getting any money back, he told Jeff we owed about 700 dollars (on top of the 2 grand we would lose from the deposit). And that was with a 1,200 dollar credit oh so generously given to us by Bon for building new steps from the back door to the yard.

Now, let me make it perfectly clear that the Josephine house was full of character, but also full of cracks. It was a beaten-up old home. We left that place in better condition than when we moved in.

So Jeff sat on the phone, completely dumbfounded. For the duration of our time as his tenants, we had what we thought was a great relationship with him. He repeatedly told Jeff we were his favorite tenants. 11 out of 12 months we had our money in on time (the twelth involved a problem with our bank I think) and that, most of all, pleased him. Whenever we called because something broke, he came over right away and did what he could to fix it (even if that meant caulking the entire bathroom).

While we maintained this good relationship, we really did not trust the man. During our first meeting in the house, it was decided he wasn't allowed in the house with any amount of females alone. He made some comments that left most of us feeling uncomfortable. But nonetheless, as a landlord, we really thought things went well and expected our deposit back in full.

It turns out, he charged us $100 for any and every trip to the house. EVERY TIME. We had no idea. At one point, we had gotten a notice saying our lawn was too long and were required to cut it. He drove by the house something like 8 times before the deadline to see if we cut it and charged us $50 per drive-by. Then, on the day Jeff was going to cut it, he came by and cut it, plus sprayed special weed-killer on it all. We were charged something like $300 dollars for that... however, it rained that night, so he said he had to come back and do it again. That cost us something like $150 dollars. We were charged for him coming to fix the plumbing (which had become unusable). We were charged for everything.

All of us felt betrayed. We were livid. We didn't understand how someone could conduct business that way.

We got some legal advice and it was clear, what Bon was doing was not only unethical, illegal. However, we did not have very much proof. A court case would basically come down to his word verses ours.

So Jeff and Pete went to meet with him. There was no budging in Bon. He believed he was right and would take us to court if he had to. After what Jeff called one of the most agonizing hours of his life, they had given up. They gave Bon a letter from our lawyer stating our position. He again, didn't budge. I believe Jeff and Pete then tried to barter with him on a settlement so we wouldn't have to deal with all the problems a court case would cause. They ended on $250. So it's done. We're done.

I would love to litter this page with expression of my disdain for the man, but I hope the story speaks for itself. And needless to say, we don't recommend renting from Bon.

We're so happy to not live in that house again...


You're so gangsta, I'm so thug

We're still alive, living our crazy little lives. Or are we?

First, I want to tell you a story that happened only a few minutes ago. It's about me, being funny (my favorite stories :). First let me give you some background. I love the movie Legends of the Fall. I watch it a lot. It's in my computer as I write this and has been for weeks. Background completed.

So Chaz, Britt, Anna (Every time I write or say Anna's name, I first think "Katrina"... it literally happens every single time) and I were in our living room. We were just sort of hanging out, talking about different things... you know, Britt's new lisp, how I used to not be able to say any word with "cious" in it (like suspicious), Anna's latin lover, and the like. Just some good hangin' going on. I was also just window-shopping on the internet and when I finished, I closed the browser only to see that my Legends of the Fall DVD was still playing from when I was watching it earlier. So I rewinded it to the sex scene (which is quite sexual I assure you) and played it for the other three. Hahahaha... it was great.

You should have seen their faces. They never saw it coming. Anna wheeled her chair into the other room laughing... then came back and complimented my awkward-creation abilities - I don't think any of them were really surprised I did that... oh man, it was just so perfect.

So what else is going on here?

Well, right now, Anna is on a date with Ray Ray (just google "ray ray dancing" and go to images - he's the second image listed). She probably wishes I didn't write that... but she also wanted me to continue writing the blog so we all have to make sacrifices. Ok, so that's not him, but that's what I found when I looked for a picture of a guy named ray ray who was really good at dancing. I haven't cut my hair in almost a year... got the pone rockin' right now. We have a monkey lamp, so that's pretty cool... and two recliners (IN THE SAME ROOM AS THE MONKEY LAMP! It's pretty much the best room you could ask for). Chaz's employer (the gov) is giving him a performance review this week (basically, he works from home and writes to the company how successful he is at his responsibilities... and we wonder why the government can't figure out health care). Robby is running a weekend retreat for the kids he works with (he is a youth minister at a church in Aurora). Brittney is mad at the universe and trying to steal a baby... (Todd, stop concerning yourself with business efficiency and let the woman talk about yoga... SHIT! Some people, you know?) Mary is a nugget carrier of wisdom... she laid it all on me this morning. Chaz is wearing Andy's shirt (that he made, not that he owns). PS - www.andyholdeman.com. Andy and I both work at grocery stores... it's really funny to see who buys condoms. An eighty year old couple? Unless it's Abraham and Sarah, they must be buying them as a gift right? And what kind of gift is that? I suppose it's practical... just strange. Maybe they got 'em mixed up with ed-pills or something... maybe I should let this go (at least as the blog goes... but it will remain a mystery that boggles my little brain for years to come I'm sure). Mary is very confused by how male athletes give each other little butt slaps during competitions. Andy and I tried to convey that it's game time... sometimes we need to give each other a little support... put some pep in each other's step... you know? Speaking of male athletes, the Strong Cucumbers are together and competing again. We're getting annihilated every game, but we're still out there. Ben is as awesome as always. Carson takes his pants off to show everyone his thang every practice. Tanner stops playing with the ball at his feet to ask his dad how he's doing every game... it's great. What else? What else? Umm... Oh, we're having a Haunted House Warming Party on Halloween. It's at the house at 7:30. Come, don't, whatev man... we're cool. Anna's going to be a pirate... or a pirate trying to be something else.

How's the house doing otherwise?

It's been strange... I have to say. As a member of the first house, much is different. And to be honest, I don't know for the better or not. I think the four from the old house (me, chaz, britt and mar) have struggled to be passionate about what we're doing... I'm not sure we (all 7 of us) know what it is "we're doing". I'm not sure all of us think we should to be "doing something". It is all very confusing. The first house had so much more direction... even though we never ended up where we thought we were heading. It's so hard not to compare to the first house. I will say, though, that the support, the friendship, the family we are trying to build is growing. I wasn't always confident it would, but I think I realized today how much more I trust everyone here and rely on them. And they're all really legit people.

I will keep you guys (who reads this anymore... I mean it's been months since I wrote in here...) updated on all this.

Quote of the House so far (that I can remember): "And when I cry, it's sad" - Fu

Lindsey (from the josephine house) is leaving on her adventure to New Zealand soon. We're going to miss her... I am anyway. She's a pretty great person... I would highly recomend her to anyone living in New Zealand looking for a great meal, friendly and timely service, and a good friend. I give her five stars.

What if we all just did drugs? The house, I mean. Like one of you came to meet us all for the first time, and found us all shooting heroin... or meth? What if? Which brings up something else I want to talk about... MetLife... they can't protect you from the "if" in life people. Don't believe their ad campaign. It's simply not true... life just happens you know? And back to what we were talking about... meth... those commercials freak me out. Honestly, part of me wants to do meth just to prove you can do it once without ending up bloody in a bathtub or having sex with some dude for meth money. But what if it's true... and I do end up there? I better get MetLife.

(On a less serious note, I wrote this a week or so into the new house)
I just miss the fam. This is a our first group pic back when we were still meeting in Jeff and Chaz's apartment talking about letting homeless people sleep in our yard (hahahaha we're idiots).
'member when...
- the Starbuck's people wouldn't let us take a picture with them?
- Chaz said "Good out"?
- we were all struggling to understand the disappointment surrounding the first cabin?
- fought about working on the backyard?
- eventually built an awesome bunk bed after running into one stumbling block after another?
- Pete wore tight tight girl pants for the first time?
- we danced for 2.5 hours at Franti's concerts and then sang "Say Hey" at the dinner table?
- mel and I cried together at 2am longing for something we couldn't quite reach?
- the band played "limbs" so much we felt it?
- Pete sat and played Arlene?
- Brandon and Carter were obnoxious :)... specifically when they were playing Fifa with Jefe and Pete?
- I wrote lyrics to that one song... "Lindsey, can you come here for a sec?" (hahahahahaha)
- we couldn't win a debate with Mary?
- Lindsey never once complained about cooking... not even once? Amazing.
- the boys sat smoking pipes and talked on the porch in the middle of winter?
- Kiley layed her head on Jefe's knee for the first time?
- I had a shirt on?
- Jeff let me play guitar for First Pres?
- the group hugs?
- the "oh my Lord, Lord, Lord... Hummm" huddles?
- the dance parties?
- when Jeff almost got the moving truck stuck under an overpass?
- when you first met Bon?
- you didn't want to come home because it was too hard?
- the house felt so empty when one person was out of town?
- we kept the dead orchids in the house for three months trying to resurrect them?
- Lindsey's awkward drinking face?
- Kiley was so happy to see you?
- Kiley was so drugged out and had drool hanging down a foot from her mouth?
- Julie's kids finished the patio?
- the strange beauty of the lights hanging over our yard?
- George?
- Bon's soul trying desperately to tell us he sucked when we first him with all his lovely comments?
- we named Katie "El Bronto" for whatever reason?
- some of us didn't do any chores for the final month and a half?
- when Pete did the dishes 85% of the time? Also amazing.
- Katie asked me if I needed someone to talk to on the back steps?
- no matter how hard I pushed you all away, you never closed your hearts to me?
- you knew Mary was watching something funny on TV downstairs? Not a better laugh in the world Mar.
- when I walked into the ending of a Grey's Anatomy episode and I got eight teary eyes looking back at me?
- we took sides against each other?
- when mel and I had that first fight?
- we all hated the people at the hotel Katrina was going to have her wedding at because they sucked?
- we put life vests on Kiley and tried to get her to swim?
- Jeff and I made up the "ooh-aah" song in the basement?
- fruit leathers?
- Justin called me to tell me he was going to be a dad?
- Katrina and Kiley took a nap together at the first cabin?
- when we danced in the rain at one of Speakeasy Tiger's shows?
- Brittney sang and I played "Hey There Delilah"
- Fred haunted the upstairs closet?
- Pete tried to train Kiley to wipe her drool on the sheet covering her cage?
- Katie basically took care of Kiley most of the year?
- Chaz had his beard... any of the times? It was always epic.
- Mousacost? I still feel insensitive using that name. I tried coming up with other names, but I guess putting our mouse murders in any kind of name makes light of horrible things.
- Kiley would hide her bones in the back of Mary and Katie's closet? In the corner? Under a pile of clothes?
- Pete changed his birthday on Facebook for like two weeks in a row to see how many wishes he'd get?
- Duke Wellington?
- Syncrinicities and Collective Consciousness?
- Jeff and Chaz and Pete packed the moving van so incredibly tight?
- Lindsey, Jeff and I felt quite awkward at Whitney's event?
- I used to love writing blogs and they were funny and good?
- Brittney did Chai Tea in the living room? Why did I ask you to do that again?
- we all got mentioned in Speakeasy Tiger's album?
- I would walk five hundred miles just to be the man who walked five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more just to be the man who walked one thousand miles for you and if you would walk five hundred miles then i wouldn't have to walk so far just to be the man who walked one thousand miles for you.
- we had friends and family over so many times and shared meals with them and laughed and played and enjoyed amazing food?
- Ben cried because the Strong People is a good baseball team name but not a good soccer team name?
- Jamie did my hair and I wore flannel?
- I joked about Jeff and Katie doing it?
- Mel moved out?
- "Is this Coldplay? Oh I love Colplay."?
- the redhead from Green Corps stayed with us? I can't remember his name.
- we (maybe just me) painted weird stuff? Life a uvula for Linds (still trying to figure that all out Linds, but I will paint you something good)
- 15 or so of us watched the Nuggets playoff game the night of the labor day party? with Amber?
- when everyone voted?
- how Caribou cares aboooout everything?
- Jeff brought home his new car?
- we drove around to all the auto shops in Steamboat to find Katrina a tire?
- I thought it was ridiculous to have a blog because I didn't want to think we were something special?
- when Jeff told me the world doesn't need people?
- Lindsey and I got engaged just so we could go register? And then never wore the ring Katie took out a loan to buy for me for her.
- we'd torment Kiley with all of Jeff's toys?

I can't tell you guys how much your love has changed my life. How much more comfortable I am around you all... and how much more confident I am in the rest of my life knowing both that you love me and that you'll always be there for me. You've been such a large part of my healing and growth. Thank you. Love you. No, wait, seriously: Katie, I love you. You are my family... I know love because I know you. Jeff, you're my best friend... maybe the only one I've ever had. Pete, I'm glad you're fathering Ryder. I see how much you put into everything you do... I'm really glad I had so much time with just you in the house. Fu, I adore you. If I was the universe, I'd kill Todd and all other yoga-hating people. Mary, I can come to you anytime I'm struggling and know you'll understand me. I've needed you in this second house. You are the most gracious person I know. Really. Chaz, you made me soup when I was sick. You are a true servant... in the good way. You take care of me and everyone around you. Katrina... Kat-face... is everything going to be fine? Yes. Is everything going to work out for me? Yes. Oh... okay. As much as you freak out, I have always been calmed by your faith that I would be okay. You're family is so weird. You are so weird. It was an honor to hug you when you missed Alan. Shit, linds, I wish I could moon you at this moment. But, I know you're going to meet your lover here soon in New Zealand, so I don't want you to be distracted. I hope my wife is like you (collective awkward gasp). Strong. god, you're strong. Humble. Free. Steadfast. Confident. Great dancer. Has the most amazing massage touch. I hope I'm like you. I hope she likes seeing my butt though. But other than that.

You guys are really special to me.


Part Deux

"It's not goodbye, it's see you later." 

We've all moved out of the house on Josephine.  It's sad.  But it's good.  We're on to the next chapter of the house and our individual lives.  And that's the beauty of what we've tried (and I believe have succeeded in) to do here... create a family that continues to love and support one another no matter what or where and doesn't end inside four walls or the ten hearts it began with.  It invites others to join and grows and grows and grows.  The things learned in that house carry on to the next relationship, and the next house, and to the next neighbor, and to the next adventure.  This experiment is really only worth it if we have built something sustainable... something that affects us for our lifetimes.  And I think it will.  It will continue to be hard and a learning process, but we're still committed to our goal (summed up so well above in the heading).   

We've had visions of, you know, ten years down the road, having a huge family reunion where everyone who was in the house and their families, communities, whatever come to enjoy each other some more... obviously that'd be dope and obviously no one knows if this thing will continue, but that's just kind of what we hope "the house" becomes... A huge extended family where each member is supported and does its best to support.  I know for a fact that the members of the Josephine house will be having reunions (planning is already in the works - house boat on lake tahoe anyone?) 

So yeah, I guess I never told you guy(s) (who knows if anyone reads this anymore), but the house deux is not staying - has not stayed - in the house at Josephine.  We found a house only a couple blocks from the Josephine house.  Staying was an option, but we just felt moving was the best thing for the deux.  It was a really difficult, emotional decision.  There is so much history (both good and painfully good) there we wanted to hold on to.  But we needed to let that go and move forward.  So our new address is 3217 Gaylord St. Denver, CO 80205.  It is literally two blocks west, and two houses north of the Josephine St.  1 - it isn't absolutely deteriorating (we're pretty sure the other house is going to collapse within two weeks of moving out).  2 - it allows the deux to start fresh and create the "house" anew in a way that truly resembles its current residents (while still attempting to stay intimately connected to the hearts of the original residents).  3 - its cheaper and is the right amount of house for seven members rather than the previous nine.   

So come by.  The house is a mess as we are trying to sort through the chaos of moving, but come by anyway.  The house continues and we want you to be a part of it.

Also, we have a seventh member... Andy Holdeman. He's got a beard. He plays basketball. He once cut his hair to look like Hulk Hogan (See below - he didn't want me to put this up... but that's the beauty of this blog being under my control). We're all really excited about his addition.  He tried to tell us for weeks he was only 85% in, but we were quite confident he would be living with us despite his uneasiness.  He runs his own shirt design company which is legit.  He's not that into House (the tv show) but I'm working on that.  Instead, Andy is an avid Dr. Who fan... I don't get it.  

So the house deux is set... starring Anna-Face, Fu!, Robby Cella (aka the Serious Coyote), Mary Did You Know?, Kelley Berschwood, A-Train, and Charles Gunning the Third. (Side note, Robby's nickname here comes from this amazing CD we found in the storage room of the new house.  One of its tracks is called the Serious Coyote and that just seemed to fit Bob - he doesn't like it.  Anyway, it's the weirdest thing you've ever heard.  In the song "Ida Lee" - the name of the singer's spaceship - one lyric says something like "Oh Ida Lee, you go so fast you have to be a Jedi to see you pass".  When you visit, ask for a listen.) 

PS - I know I told you guys you'd be hearing from other people in the house and perhaps some peop's who've been around a lot but I guess I'm not the only one who struggles to commit to writing on this thing so that prob won't happen.  I'll try to keep pushing it though because I think it'd be valuable.  (I dont know why this is underlined and not white.)


Look how the turn tables have...

What to say... what to say?

First, the house is still a go for another year. Right now, Brittney, Kelley, Chaz, Mary, Robby Cella and Anna Koclanes will be carrying the torch. Next year's peop's are getting together to kind of crank out our ideas for next year and trying to get to know each other.

Here are a few things to know about Robby and Anna: Anna is Katrina's older sister. Robby went to college with Chaz and they've been friends since high school or earlier... a long time. Anna has spent the last two years working as a teacher in Baton Rouge for Teach for America. Robby has a beard right now and looks ubber-manly (sexy). I'm excited to live with another Koclanes because they are the weirdest family I've ever met. And Bob is someone I know I will learn a lot from. More on them will be coming.

SHIT. (I just wanted to do that... I've been at work all day and just feel this anxious need to make a lot of commotion).

In the coming weeks, you will be hearing from the other members of the house. Each of them (especially jeff) will be blogging about something they want to say about the last year. You will also be hearing from the new members as well as some people who have been intimately involved in what we've done. I'm really excited about this because it will really put a unique picture of the house you guys haven't seen since only I've blogged.

There's only 20 days left of the current house :( It's been a truly amazing year.

Speakeasy Tiger had a CD Release show last night. Their new album, The Public, is now out. They've worked really hard on it the last year and it is seriously a great album. And look at their tour schedule because their shows are incredible. This pic is from their show at the Denver Pride Fest. I frickin love these people... the house really would not have been the same without them here so much. Brittney was told she has a very nice yoga practice... expect to see her teaching yoga at your studio sometime in the next year. Katie and Jeff are all set to be married in the next month. We tried on the "Halo" tux's the other day and you should show up to see the boys if nothing else... I mean other than the bride of course. Kat face and Al face are also getting set up for their wedding. Katrina has faced the most ridiculous crap in trying to get a venue, but they've finally got it all figured out. Mary still makes us laugh. It's crazy hot in this house... summer kind of blows like that though. If I was going to say there is one thing that is my sworn enemy, it's heat. I got a job at Costco... it's good for me right now, but it really makes me want to pursue my dreams as much as I can. Apparently I have a dance move that Brittney thinks is crazy good... yet I have no idea how I did it or what exactly I did... it's the phantom dance move. Jeff got a hair cut. It's short and he looks more grown up. Katie can't seem to keep her hands off (don't tell her I told you). We had a low-key Fourth of July get-t0-gether. Jeff b-b-qed and some peop's came over. Brittney tricked the girls with a fake poo next to their toilet. It was a glutten-free chocolate bar... they got pretty freaked out. Katrina decided not to apply to med school next year. This weekend the house is going to a cabin in the mountains... We're so excited for it and we're hoping it becomes a yearly reunion with us and the newer us's.

I got a new, OLD truck. It's my dream car. It's a 1976 Ford F-150 in incredible condition. I've got the truck and the dog, now I just need a job at a ranch and I'm set. I really want to get out of the city... but not for another year I guess.


Dedicated to the Strong Cucumbers

So many things have happened in the almost TWO months since I've written on this thing.  In no particular order, here we go...

First, these are my boys right here... my dogs.  
These guys battled through another tough season and regardless of the record, I think we came out on top.  I wish I was this awesome when I was five.

Julie (aka Hoolie) is a relatively new friend of ours - who hasn't been over in a while :( - and she has just been awesome to have around.  She is a youth ministry leader for St. James Pres and had to figure out a service opportunity for her kids for a day.  Well, we were pretty surprised and excited when she decided our
 backyard would be it.  We still hadn't finished our patio and had millions of bricks we ne
eded out of our garage.  They were amazing.  I left in the morning for a Cucumber game and by the time I got back, they were finished.  It was like seeing/feeling the other side of the service projects I had been involved in... when you're doing the work, you don't really understand how much you're truly helping... but when it's being done for you, it is simply incredible how much work gets done that would have taken us weeks or months to complete.  

A week or so later, we "hired" out a couple people from The Annex ministry in Boulder to
 finish up the yard.  Every year, the Annex sends 20 or so college students on two month long mission trips around the world on a program called Messenger and a bunch of people volunteer to help raise their support.  So the money we spent went towards those 20 or so people leaving this summer for the Philippines or Kenya or Swaziland or Greece I think (Katie, Chaz and I went on Messenger to Hungary, Swaziland and Austria respectively).  So anyway, Becka Phillipson and Jacob Oliver came and worked with Jeff and some others to fine tune the back yard. 

Thank you for all your help guys.  Our yard and patio is a big part of this house and what we want to do.  It wouldn't have happened without you.  And neither would this:

With our next door neighbors, the house and our next door neighbors put on a Memorial Day party on Monday.  We handed out flyers and invited pretty much everyone and anyone.  It was... phenomenal.  I don't know how many people came, but it was a lot.  We were worried because of the rain, but that didn't seem to stop anyone.  We had neighbors and friends and family and neighbors and friends and family and friends and family and neighbors came.  We had food and music and dancing (really just me and Britt had a dance party, everyone else was a little shy) and threw the baseball and played with Kiley and it was so sick.  If you were there, you know.  If you weren't, make sure you come next time/get invited cause you are anyway.  Everyone came and everyone was instantly family.  People from the band were hanging out with people from Brittney's work.  My mentee's family was meeting my family.  Neighbors finally know each other's names and know they have friends down the street.  It was family.  I can't explain it differently.  For someone who missed out on that for most of his life, it was so awesome to see.  I can't think of a better day I've had here.  Thanks to those who came.  Love.  So awesome.   

Every week we have a meeting host who picks an activity or whatever for us to do.  In the last few weeks, we've had yoga in the park (Brittney has found her calling), competed in video games (Pete won... barely), went to a Speakeasy Tiger event, and last week we gave each other nick names:

Peter - Petre (A Land Before Time) (2nd place was Twinkle Fingers)
Katrina - Wiglet (2nd place was Katarunga - yoga reference - but Jeff really really liked "Kat Box")
Lindsey - Phil (Mary started with "Fulfill", but it then became just Phil... you can thank the boys for that one) (2nd place was maybe "Chefoodador" - Katie gave everyone dinosaur names)
Chaz - The P.P. (a very close second place was "Slippy")
Kelley - Fuckles (a combination between funny and chuckles... 2nd place was Buckcrackalacka)
Jeff - Fuzzy Limone (Jeff's were hard because he was the last one and we were all really tired but I named him Hyperbolic Chamber because he uses a lot of hyperboles... I still think it's the best)
Katie - El Bronto (because she likes brontosaurouses... she came up with this one herself) (2nd place was Pickles)
Brittney Fu - Lordshiod (when she types "Josephine" into her phone, Lordshiod comes up instead so... yeah)
Mary - 'Boot (2nd place was Maryboo... we have this joke that Mary should go to Caribou - where she works - and pitch the slogan "Caribou, we care aboooot everyone" so thats where the boot and boo comes from)

Miscellaneous stuff:

Kiley had a skin biopsy done on her rash... Three vets and CSU don't know what it is and so it is now being shipped to Purdue to be looked at by the Gregory House of veterinarians.  I graduated.  Britt cut two strings from a shirt thing and then tied them together and wore them on her head and she really looked hippie-like... I guess you had to be there.  Speakeasy Tiger looks to be on the road of stardom.  They are playing at Red Rocks Ampitheatre at some point this summer.  We went to one of their shows last weekend at an outdoor venue and danced in the rain... it was sweet.  They are sweet.  You are sweet.  Hmmm... I need something salty... BRB (be right back).  At dinner the other night, I remarked to Chaz, "Do you suppose there will be a dishes fairy who comes tonight and cleans all our dishes for us?"  He responded, "Yeah, in a pink thong and pink boa."  He was right... It was awesome.  The Cucumbers are done with another season.  I'm pretty sure we only won one game, but trust me, we are winners.  They are the coolest people on this earth.  Go to my album on facebook to see pictures of them.  

the house '09 - '10 report:  Brittney is in.  Chaz is in.  I am in.  AND (collective gasp) we have two new members!  Robby Cella and Emi Reeves will be living with us, whether that may be, attempting to live as a family and create real community for each other and others.  Robbie is a handsome, strong, smart, good-looking, striking, and gorgeous man that plays Halo.  So I'm pumped.  I don't know Emy very well, but word on the street is she straight up dope.  And if I've learned anything this year, everyone is dope.  So Emy, I'm excited to see just how dope you are.  Dope.  So we have five.  We'd like five more... we need to tell our landlord if we're staying in this house or not on July 1st.  


It's been awhile

This is like one of those awkward encounters with a person you dated awhile back and haven't seen since you just sort of stopped calling/returning phone calls and you're caught off guard and say "Geesh, it's been awhile".

Yeah, it's not like that for me either. HI!!! I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile... life is just busy as you know.

So what's been going on?

First, I'll let you know about the Event to Name Subsequent Events After (the dinner/community discussion/game night thing). 20-ish people came over and it was a lot of fun. We talked about things we've learned in the house and heard what other people were looking for in community and beginning to build and it was encouraging, but I think it was just fun and filling to be in the middle of real community with everyone there.

Many of you mentioned how you don't think it's right for you in your current situations with school etc, but I would encourage you to pursue this boldly (whether that looks like a house of ten or twenty or five people). If you want it and have an opportunity, go for it (for inspiration, watch Stranger Than Fiction). I knew I would have to commute to Boulder for school for my senior year and it was hard, but worth it. Don't let school or distance or other circumstances stop you... because they will be there the year after this one and the year after that one.

I think a lot of it comes down to humility, honestly. We read books like Irresistable Revolution and want to be what is represented in that book... people capable of giving everything in themselves for others needing nothing in return. None of us want to be the served. It almost seems blasphemous to say we do. And yet, that is what we all need... all of us (see John 13:6-9). We are incomplete. We need.

My point of saying that is in hopes that you'll not let the perception that you're not in a place where you can give as much as you'd like to keep you from intentional community. Let others care for you so you can grow, so you can serve others better. You will give in ways you can't see. It's never going to be the convenient time to do something like this, but it might be the right time.

As I told some or all of you that night, I've experienced nothing more challenging and beautiful than this family. It has changed my life. It has helped bring major healing. I thank God and my roommates for who they have been for me.

So what else is new? (My grandfather - and father for that matter... I hope it skips a generation... OH NO I JUST SAID IT!!! - always says this on the phone when he's not sure what else to talk about).

We committed Mouse Genocide. We finally got tired of our infestation and Jeff and Pete did the dirty work to catch over 20 mice. I think we had 11 the first night. Lindsey is seriously reconsidering staying in the house next year. She says she's just has more to do here (fight malnutrition!). This has made everyone moving out reconsider since they know they won't get better meals anywhere else. The house got a donated grill, which is awesome. Kiley still has a rash. I've gone to two vets and nobody seems to know what's up. SO, if you're a vet(ernarian), and are cheap (or free?) and willing to take a look, please comment down below and I'll be in touch. The boys watched the movie Stardust and fell in love with Claire Danes. We have new neighbors! They have been over a few times for various things. They actually are trying to do the same thing we are in building relationships in the neighborhood... so we're excited to be able to work together on that - we're going to try and have a labor day shindig together I think. Britt and I did Tai Chi (sp?) in the kitchen last night. Al-face (Kat-face's fiance) is here visiting for the weekend. We are out of printer ink. Pete's band, Settle Down Your Speech Big Orange Cat (Speakeasy Tiger), is in the studio recording their first full length album. Pete, Chaz and I talked about how women like male dogs and men like female dogs. Speaking of dogs, Kiley decided she no longer is going to poop, drool, shed, make messes, bark, or fart (yeah, in Pete's dreams). Chaz still has a beard... which is amazing... He's also an ass. The living room has been completely rearranged by Jeff and Pete. Oh and Pete moved Arlene (his piano) into the house. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that before. This is Lindsey's favorite week of the year because of the Conference on World Affairs on CU's campus. So she's been in Boulder all week taking advantage of all the ideas/thoughts being thrown around up there. Those are just a few of the tantalizing things going on around here. Stop by to experience these and many many more!!

Oh, one more thing (katrina, chaz and I were hanging out singing this the other night and I think it really makes a great point):

I would walk five hundred miles just to the man who walked five hundred miles and i would walk five hundred more just to be the man who walk one thousand miles and if you would walk five hundred miles then i wouldn't have to walk so far just to be the man who walked one thousand miles for you



We have changed the date to our shindig.  It will be on Friday April 3rd.  Same time (except only in the past of what would have been the future shindig that would have existed, but will now be earlier but still in our present future that we will be in soon).  Same place (as far as earth coordinates go, but not in our solar system, galaxy, or universe(s?)).  Hopefully this will only help you come, not hinder you.  But it's like I always say, sometimes the cat just has to be put in the bag you know?  

Don't be square, be there. (I always say this too ever since... well you know that saying "be there or be square"?  It was actually a Hustla Original, but was stolen from me on the playground at Belleview Elementary by Phil McPhFilips.  I'm sorry, I don't usually get this emotional... it's just hard to talk about).